Mr. Sterilizer™ SkinSafe™ FAR-UV Legacy UV-C Lamps and SteriAir™ Air Purifiers

Scientifically proven technology that provides 99.9+% Sterilization rates. We provide the right solution for the right environment for the right price.

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Air Purifiers with UVC

Our Line of SteriAir™ Air Purifiers will clean your air by removing particulates, odors and neutralize pathogens in an easy to use compact attractive package. Our Purifiers use HEPA filters, Activated Carbon and UVC light to provide the highest level of air purity, quality and safety.

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SkinSafe™ FarUVC (222nm) Lamps

SkinSafe™ FarUVC (222nm) technology is an award winning line of products that provide all the benefits of traditional UVC lights (99.9+ Sterilization) without any of the dangers to the skin or eyes. Get the best of both worlds, continuous high level of sterilization without the downtown required to run the lamps.

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Legacy UVC (253.7nm) Lamps

Used for decades in hospitals as an effective way to sterilize operating rooms and control infectious disease, this technology is now available to you. An extremely effective solution against mold, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

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